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Rainbow Sprinkles


Ever wished there was a place where your bouncing ball of sunshine could shake their sillies out and you could join the wiggly fun? Look no further than Bop & Babble! Our musical adventures are designed for curious explorers who love to move, and caregivers who want to get down with them!
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Spark Your Baby's Genius with Music & Movement!


Unlock your little one's potential in a world of rhythm and joy! Our Music & Movement class isn't just playtime, it's a brain-building bonanza for babies and toddlers (and their biggest cheerleaders… YOU!).

Here's how we rock your world:


  • Musical Seeds: We plant the seeds of melody and rhythm – those building blocks of language, memory, and even math! Let tiny bodies sway to soothing lullabies and tap to vibrant beats.

  • Happy Hips & Hopping Hearts: We get those little limbs grooving! Coordination, balance, and gross motor skills flourish through playful dances, parachute adventures, and instrument explorations.

  • Sunshine Smiles: Our nurturing environment celebrates every wiggle and giggle. Watch your little explorer blossom with confidence, creativity, and a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

  • Bonding Beats & Happy Feet: This isn't just playtime, it's connection time! Supportive caregivers and joyful tots groove together, building friendships and making moments that last.

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Watch your little one blossom:

  • Confident Wiggles & Happy Giggles: Our nurturing space celebrates every move, letting little explorers shine and imaginations soar.

  • Brainpower in Motion: Music and movement build essential skills, igniting early brain development and setting the stage for lifelong learning.

  • Healthy Bodies, Happy Hearts: Get those tiny limbs grooving and build a love for being active that lasts a lifetime.​

Give your baby the gift of wonder, growth, and pure joy! Sign up today and let the music move you!


Rhythm, smiles, and the building blocks of brilliance!

Ages 6 months and up.

Classes run on Tuesdays starting the 6th Feb at the Hamilton Hive. 

Limited spots available.

45minute classes. 

Term Upfront: $15/week ($150/10 week term)
Monthly Flexi Plan: $20/week ($80/4 week month)

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A message from your teacher:

Ever wish there was a class where "Miss Rachel" meets a supportive circle of parents, all joining the fun together?

That's exactly what I dreamed up for my own little one – a place where encouragement flows freely, both for our littles as they climb and explore, and for ourselves as we navigate the whirlwind of parenthood. 

Each class starts with a cozy 10-minute chat, a chance to share wins and wobbles with fellow parents who truly get it. Then, we dive into a playful world of interactive songs, dances, and mind-building activities that'll ignite your kiddo's imagination and leave them giggling with glee.

Imagine the precious memories we'll create together, watching our babies blossom with confidence and joy, while building a close-knit community that supports every step of the way.

Ready to join the adventure? I can't wait to welcome you and your little ray of sunshine!

Miss Telly xx

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